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Vajra Diamond Mining Private Limited (VDMPL) envisions to become a major diamond producer in India, evocative of the country's rich diamond history and to generate wealth for its stakeholders. This vision also embraces a direct participation in downstream value-added processing of the company's diamond production, thus gaining a large economic advantage from India's dominance in diamond cutting. It is anticipated that high priority projects like The Dharwar Diamond Project (MiDA Result: 35 carats per hundred tons) and The Krishna River Alluvial Project will produce high value diamonds in India.

Vajra Diamond Mining Private Limited (VDMPL) is a diamond exploration and mining company focusing on exploring India's rich diamond history. Mr Charles Devenish is the major stakeholder of VDMPL. He is also the Chairman of Australian Indian Resources Private Limited and Deccan Gold Mines Limited, which is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange ( Mr Charles Devenish is currently involved in developing a number of mining projects in India. Among them, VDMPL will bring together a consortium of Indian diamond interests.

Vajra Diamond Mining Private Limited
Raja Ikon Building,
#89/1, 4th Floor, Marathahalli
Outer Ring Road, BANGALORE – 560 037
Telephone 91 80 40428400 | Fax 91 80 40428401